General Terms and Conditions

Conclusion of the contract I Sale and Return
A contract is deemed to have been concluded when Global Prefer Corporation accepts your order, which can be expressed by the unhesitating delivery or the notification about the delivery of goods or by any other means within a period of no longer than 2 weeks upon orders received.
You hold the right to send back the purchased goods within 2 weeks upon receipt. Punctual dispatch suffices to comply with the limit of time. Sale or return exists independent of whether or not the goods exhibit any nonconformity in terms of the legal guarantee provisions. Depending on your choice you either receive the desired replacement or the reimbursement of the merchandise value upon entry of return.

We may claim a compensation for the impairment that might result from the normal commencement of use of the good. That does not apply if the impairment of the goods can be exclusively attributed to their inspection - which could have been possible in a shop. You may avoid the obligation for compensation by not commencing the use of the goods and refraining from any action that might impair the value of the goods.

Guarantee Provisions
Your legal rights and entitlements as customer about faulty goods in terms of the legal guarantee provisions remain unaffected by the right to return goods within 2 weeks upon receipt of goods. If the goods purchased from Global Prefer Corporation exhibit nonconformity, please contact us via the address stated below. Your claims and rights as customer prescribe after 24 months upon receipt of goods. The presentation of the goods at venues, a reference to specific technical regulations or data or miscellaneous specifications and pictures of goods in offers and brochures constitute a specification of characteristics only but not warranted properties. Certain properties of the goods may only be regarded as guaranteed by us if we explicitly confirm them in written form in the contract.

If a Third Party, in particular the manufacturer of the goods, grants a guarantee that exceeds the legal guarantee provisions, we may not be committed through this. Such guarantees exclusively concern your direct claims against the guarantee grantor but not against us. We may insofar ask you to directly contact the guarantee grantor in case you do not claim legal guarantee entitlements but entitlements from the guarantee granted.

Terms of Payment
The payment of the invoiced value is made by debit balance from the account of the purchaser. In case of a return debit note owing to the purchaser, we charge a standard payment of 10,00 €, whereas the purchaser shall at any time be at liberty to bring up evidence that Global Prefer Corporation suffered none or only lower damages. Global Prefer Corporation may at any time claim additional compensation for higher costs if evidence provided.

Retention of Title
All goods delivered to the customer shall remain property of Global Prefer Corporation until all accounts receivable are completely settled.

Applicable Law / Legal Venue
The substantive laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply; non-applicable shall be the UN purchase law, even if orders take place abroad or goods are shipped abroad.
The place of jurisdiction for all disputes concerning an order is - as far as legitimate - Augsburg.

Data Protection
All individual-related data is dealt with strictly confidentially. We only save data in our customer files, which are necessary for the processing of a purchase. Beyond that there is a circulation of data to companies specialized in financial services for the purpose of credit and solvency checks. Circulation to Third Parties for advertising purposes does not take place. The customer agrees with the data handling and circulation for the previously mentioned purposes and for the purpose of customer care by Global Prefer Corporation.

Account Relationship:
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Last updated: October 2006