1. BUC Meeting AUDI Open Service Day at Osenstätter Car Dealership in Trautenstein

THJ / KHS – The Germany-wide proclaimed AUDI open service day on Saturday, October 10th, in Trautenstein was an overall success. Osenstätter VW and AUDI car dealership brought up a diversified program for „Old and Young“.
The 1st buc was also an exhibitor during the Saturday program. The service bus of Georg Effinger and the original Audi Quattro Safari 200 of Peter Pichler, alongside well-kept classic cars, composed a testimony of successful past rally times.
The program brought up by Osenstätter (longstanding buc-partner) was diversified and very interesting. Test drives in RS4 and V10 provided high spirits and offered interesting insights in the new techniques of Audi Ingolstadt. The maintenance service of GLOBAL PREFER CORPORATION with “nano effect products” was very demonstrative, especially for our heart-and-soul Quattro enthusiasts.
The biggest VW and AUDI car dealership in the region rightly lived up to its name. One could eye up countless new and used cars on the premises. The whole crew of Osenst tter was, as a matter of fact, available for repairs and maintenance of VW and Audi automobiles during the course of the open service day. As a closing statement one can notice that Osenst tter in Chiemgau is well-positioned and takes a leading role in the region.

GLOBAL REFER CORPORATION presented conservation products with genuine nanotechnology. The evergreen with 452TKm of club member J rg Vollmer from Munich was the object of the protection. Plates and rims underwent an intensive maintenance treatment with outstanding results; and completely without residue!

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No more chance for brake dust.       Already after the first cleaning the rims were shining as on the first day.

Even the buckskin shoes of the driver had to be used as proof in order to demonstrate the application purposes of the products. Also here persuasive results!       The Team GLOBAL REFER AG under direction of Thomas Graf after successful protective treatment.