Operating Successfully – in Germany, and in Europe.

For our expanding business we are looking for open-minded and motivated associates, who market our products in Germany as self-employed sales consultants on commission. Please find more detailed information on this under the menu item "How to become a Global Prefer sales consultant?”

Our market and competitor analysis have revealed that there is a big market for first class maintenance products and especially for groundbreaking nano products. We have defined high quality standards and preferably market products that have been developed and manufactured in Germany. A certain proportion of our products derive from our own research and development.
Nano products in particular require a very good consultation, because only a proper application can guarantee an overall impact.

We aim to fulfill this requirement with our marketing concept: with first class trainings, professional product managers as contact persons and with professional equipment we offer you the necessary ground for a successful kickoff.

Our clients are private housholds as well as commercial and trade companies. You can obtain more information at one of our noncommittal road shows or contact us through info@global-prefer.com.